Bye 2017

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Let me just start by saying that 2017. was a very good year for me, both personally and professionally. I made a bunch of connections, learned a bunch of stuff, and had a lot of fun.

My awesome new laptop and an even better sticker saying This machine kills fascists

Working at Infinum

This was truly a year to be working with Infinum - we grew so much since I joined. If you go and look at people page you’ll see that I’m not on the end of the list anymore and it’s only been two years. With Infinum, JavaScript team grew a lot too, there is 19 of us now and we have no plans on stopping. Yay!


This was also the first year for the JavaScript team to have a course on the Infinum Academy where I had an honor of teaching and working with a group of 17 students for a month. We started with vanilla JS and moved on to a simple React + MobX app. From all of the students that attended about 70% completed the program and we hired two very talented developers.

JS Talks

Last season of talks ended with a panel that hosted a bunch of great developers from very good companies in Croatia. If you have an hour to spend have a listen.

This season started not so strong but it was still very good and very fun. We’ll continue hosting the talks in the future and I’ll be looking at bringing more and more external speakers. If you have an idea for a talk hit me up!

Me giving a talk on Webpack on Infinum JS Talks

Open source

This was the year for me and open source. I started contributing to webpack-contrib/webpack-canary but unfortunately due to work and it mostly being over my head I’ve fallen behind a bit. I hope to either get back to the project or start contributing to something that I can work on even when I’m a bit tired.

Other than that I contributed to a bunch of Infinum’s open source JavaScript and Typescript projects over on github.com/infinum org.


Oh, boy, did I travel this year, and this year is looking great as well, here is the list and a few photos.

Me on the rooftop in Vienna with friends Me eating veggie burgers in Split with Kuki, Slovenec, and Safo A sign in the middle of nowhere on a wooden stick on Krk for a dead end

Home network

There is a post coming for this but I went from all Mikrotik and Cisco Meraki network, thru a single Linksys router, and ended up with a Ubiquiti setup of dreams.

Other fun stuff and photos

A cool set of galaxy keycaps I got for birthday Me teaching Jimbo JavaScript (hugging involved) A cat we had CEO, Tomislav feeding me soup Me with a horse My running Nike shooes Christmas party with Safo Me after running up a mountain with a bottle of wine